Celebrating 18 Years of Friendship with a Gift for Word Traveler Readers!

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Celebrating 18 Years of Friendship with a Gift for Word Traveler Readers!
Do you have that friend that you can call anytime in the night? That friend that you don’t have to worry if he/she sees your room dirty? That friend that accepts you with the good and bad and witnesses your transformation through life?

Word Traveler would like to welcome Andreea Cîra from Adeona Wanderlust to our group of guest writers. Eighteen years ago, Ioana and Andreea met in their 1st grade, shy and curious about what life has to offer. Andreea discovered she had a calling for geography, Ioana discovered she had a calling for writing. Meanwhile, life showed them they both had a passion for traveling, knowledge and personal development. Their friendship grew stronger and stronger over the years, no matter if they were apart. Today, they meet in writing, to talk about finding a meaning in life, the power of freeing yourself and how you can achieve that state of flow through mountain activities and sports

I: What does it mean for you to live a meaningful life?
A: You find a meaning in life when you stay true to yourself. I always knew I loved geography. I loved my geography teachers, I loved collecting rocks and seashells from around the world, I would spend my hours creating maps, drawing, learning about the world. I did not allow one single minute to lie to myself, never followed the money and ignored the haters. (and I had maaaany trust me!) And here I am, finished my Geography University,  Tourism Management Courses and I am now part of a travel business.


I: It is kinda difficult to stay true to yourself. You got to care for yourself in the here and now, so you can function true to yourself in a few days, months, years from now, and then you have all these other people around you, who do the same...How do you overcome this challenge?
A: When you stay true to yourself, it means your personal and professional lives are not separate. It means that your values are transmitted in the work you do, in the people you hang out with, in what you spend your money on. So for me, that meant putting all my passion and inspiration into creating my dream job: I am a life-long mountains explorer. Me and my colleagues co-founded a travel agency, Adeona Wanderlust which is part of Adeona Group, a business which helps tourists to discover nature, especially the mountains.


I: Why is your focus on mountain tourism?
A: Because I stay true to myself. You see, in the mountains, there are no distractions. The parties from the beach are replaced with songs played by the fire while watching a sky full of stars. The mountains are unpredictable, they make you adapt with the good and the bad (starting with the weather), they make you overcome barriers while having fun in a genuine way.

Chamonix_ArtGeo (34)

I:  I completely agree. Mountains are challenging and so rewarding. Last summer, I had this huge monolith in Bucegi Mountains in front of me, and my boyfriend told me we got to go exactly that way. I felt so weak, but there was no place to run away! I had to stay there (with 10 kilos on my spine), confront my monsters from the closet and keep going. And then, something happened: as I started to connect with myself, brave myself and find my breathing rhythm while holding his hand, I acquired a state of flow that made me forget about time and space. The only thing I could see were his steps ahead of me. Without knowing, I was on top of the mountains. I never ever felt so much magic happening at once! So, how do you reach this state of flow?

A:  I am so glad you mentioned this. You see, you’ve got the answer. You reached that state of flow because you connected yourself to a single point of attention, no distractions. Well, I  reach that single point of attention when I ski.


I: Tell me more about the way you feel when you ski.
A: The first moments I skied felt unbearable and long. I had to access a high level of concentration, just like you did when hiking. But as I practiced and practiced, I could feel how the slopes become my allies. I know you like dancing. Sking is like dancing on the snow: it is about balance, rhythm, and delicate movements. You need to know your skis just like you know your partner and trust them with all your body. Your hands, your fingers, your entire being will slide on the snow, while you connect to a single point of attention: the slope ahead of you. That’s when I completely lose myself in the moment and enjoy the ride.

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I: This sounds so inspiring! Now I get itchy feet and I almost come with you. So tell me, if I weren't your friend, why would I come with you on a trip?
A: It’s pretty simple. At Adeona Wanderlust we promote the taste of “wanderlusting”, (as you see from our name), we educate young people in the spirit of the mountains, we promote the power of connection with the places and the nature you see, through engaging activities, while staying true to yourself. It’s just a matter of matching values. :)
I: I am so grateful for our friendship and for the fact that we can help each other, the way we do! We're actually celebrating something big here!
A: Absolutely! We need to pay it forward as our blessing!

Take Advantage of Ioana’s and Andreea’s 18 Years Friendship

We are celebrating our “Sweet 18” with a gift for you. Andreea is organizing 2 new Adeona Wanderlust skiing trips. First from 6-12 January 2018 and second from 4-10 February 2018 in Knappenberg, Austria. She wants to spread the love with my readers and she offers 10% Discount on her trip which would normally cost 650 Euros students & 775 Euros for adults. All you have to do is tell her the “secret code” 10WordTraveler.


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What Will You Experience with Adeona Wanderlust in Austria?

  • the freedom of 45 km of slopes with different difficulty levels for all skiers
  • the laziness of relaxing in the evening in the sauna, gym or yoga activities
  • unlimited rides as the ski pass is included in the price of the 5 days
  • the safety that someone will teach you skiing and care for you (private ski instructor)
  • great Austrian food in the hotel restaurant (2 meals/day included)
  • 3 stars accommodation with rooms that have a view over the mountains
  • transportation Cluj-Napoca/ Arad/ Timisoara – Knappenberg – Kreischberg
  • aquapark fun for those who can’t live without “snorkeling”
  • a walk in a secret place where it’s said that Dalai Lama went 5 times and an introduction to the Tibetan
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Travel passionately,