Would you want to have the Resources and Connections to Travel the World while saving money and working on your career? ♥

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Well, it is indeed a great personal story that I want you to share with you today.

It is not Science Fiction, but a real result which you can also achieve.


Read this student Travel Guide carefully.
I want to learn more

But before jumping into its contents, allow me to introduce myself.

My name is Ioana Manciu, and some of my friends call me Word Traveler.

I like to say that if Brian Tracy, Steve Jobs, Elizabeth Gilbert and Penelope Cruz

had a love child, that could be me.

That’s because I am part Business & Marketing oriented,

part IT geek and part a Copywriting Fairy with the air of an Exotic Latino Dancer.

I was born and raised in Cluj-Napoca, a small coquette city in the heart of Transylvania,

with nothing more than a passion, a laptop and a dream.

I’ll never forget 1st August 2011.

That’s the day when I left home for the first time and discovered how small my city

was and how big my dreams were.

Since then, I began my travel journeys from scratch (which means with no parents’ money).

I traveled to 22 countries (and counting) while being a full-time student and working at the same time. 

With more than 100 friends around the world, I was lucky enough to have 1 life coach,

1 business coach and several travel companions.

My lifestyle and personality are a combination of:

  • the loving and charming vibes of Greece (where I lived 2 months)
  • the friendliness and non-conformism of America (where I lived 8 months)
  • the organization and work ethics of the Dutch (where I lived 6 months)
  • the fun and party mood of the Portuguese (where I lived 6 months)
  • and the optimism and ambition that I strive for while I am in Romania.

Here are some of my results in my 5 University years:

  • I have traveled to 22 countries (and counting) while being a full-time student and working at the same time.
  • I have traveled to USA 3 times and manage to save 5 digits in my bank account
  • I have gained 2 Erasmus Scholarships during University studies which landed me 2 jobs in Romania
  • I have gained my first Exchange scholarship at 18 years old with Erasmus for Young Entrepreneurs
  • I have organized trips & tours with my friends that cost us less than the cost of 1 year getting coffee everyday

“Ok, hero, but what does that have to do with me?”

After my first travels, I had a revelation.

More precisely, that no matter what you study, you need to expand your horizons abroad with International Experience.

This can increase the chances of getting hired, just like it increased mine.

After studying 5 months in Business and IT Management in The Netherlands,

I got hired in an IT company in Romania, right after I arrived home.

The more you travel and gain experience, the more your “future you” will thank you.

And no.

You don’t have to use your parents’ money, inherit a fortune or find a sugar daddy/momma.

Perhaps, the most difficult thing you need to do is to develop a skill that can bring you money anywhere you are.

But we’ll talk about that some other time.

For now, here is what I propose to you.

Join my community on Word Traveler

and learn how to travel with no parents’ money.

I want to learn more

If you still have doubts, here's what other students say about us:


Here are only 6 ideas that you can get from this Student Guide:

  • which are the best days to fly and how much time in advance you should book your flight
  • the option to sleep for free anywhere in the world
  • why renting a car is the cheapest option if you're with friends
  • how I traveled from Portugal to Spain and back with 50 euros.
  • which is the day when all museums are free in Lisbon
  • what are the 4 student programs which can bring you between 450-800 euros to kick - start your traveling studies

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Till then, let’s start learning HERE and NOW.

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