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We envision a world where every child can follow a creative study plan, filled with both travel and work on the side. :-)

We are a creative team of people whose mission is to help young people choose wisely their path as far as exchange programs abroad are concerned. We write educational stories, Erasmus insights and travel tips for young people in order to guide them in the beginning of their career. We are guided by our 5 Word Traveler philosophies.

Guiding Philosophies

Life is beautiful. We believe that everything happens for a reason and we live every day with confidence. We are grateful for our families, friends, beautiful travels and inspiring photos. If there’s anything of value that we want to leave behind, that’s our libraries, journals, and photos. We are the masters of our lives and we choose to make it beautiful.

Never work “just for the money”. The greatest satisfaction (professional and personal) comes from a meeting of minds and souls: our passion for writing and traveling and our customers’ needs. Every trip we create or writing service we provide is because we fully believe in it, it is inspiring and fun to do and we know it can make a difference in our customers’ lives.

Always trust your gut. We rely on feelings and intuition, though we like to acquire facts in order to cultivate faith. We trust our intuition everywhere we go and in everything we do. We take big risks when it feels right and we are not afraid to leave our comfort zone. If we feel doubtful about a partnership, opportunity or deal, we let it go, despite looking great on paper.

Think out of the box. Innovation and originality are the key words in our culture. We believe everyone is unique and we want to offer products and services that reflect this. That’s why none of our creative projects will have similar outcomes.

Everything is shareable. We are traveling in small groups and we want to keep it like that. In this way, we share beautiful apartments and food in our trips and experience more of what the world has to offer.


Meet Our Team


Brand Manager
Copywriting Fairy 100%
Creative Writer 90%
Personal Storyteller 95%
Strategic puzzle maker 86%
Active traveler 90%


Communication Fairy
Communication Manager 90%
Brand Ambassador 100%
Social Media Fairy 96%
Passionate food eater 85%
Always little sister 100%


Public Relations Fairy
Communication Fairy 95%
Brand Ambassador 100%
Social Media Specialist 96%
Fashion Passionate 85%
Our blondie 100%


Travel Consultant
Travel Hunter 95%
Brand Ambassador 100%
Travel Planning Fairy 96%
Coffee Passionate 85%
Travel Consultant 100%


Technology Guru
Network Consultant 94%
System Engineer 100%
Network Administrator 86%
Passionate drummer & pianist 100%
Adventurer Parapantist 100%


Designer Wizard
Vision Designer 90%
Web and Graphic Designer 92%
Visual Brand Creator 100%
Start-up Entrepreneur 97%
Fashion enthusiast 82%