Treat Yourself With a Trip to Cyprus for Less Than 300 euros

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Treat Yourself With a Trip to Cyprus for Less Than 300 euros

Half of my list of friends already went to Cyprus. For the other half, I wrote this article. If you like:

  • swimming in turquoise infinite waters
  • playing on friendly white sandy beaches (also suitable for kids) 
  • jumping off the cliffs in natural lagoons 
  • snorkeling with fishes of all colors
  • eating 27 plates of food with 15 euros and drinking coconut water with 7 euros
  • partying for free with popcorn and champaign on the house
  • spending less than 300 euros with all expenses included

Cyprus might be the right destination for you and your friends.

This year, Cyprus became an accessible destination thanks to Wizz Air and Blue Air cheap flights to Larnaca Airport.  Some of my friends told me they were not impressed at all. If you went to Cyprus and did not see the below places, you might have to go again. :)

We spent 4 full days in Ayia Napa, a lively resort next to the sea, one hour away from Larnaca. We chose to sleep in Ayia Napa because it was closer to the best natural sceneries and beaches of Cyprus (on the South Eastern coast). In my opinion, staying in Larnaca is one of the biggest mistakes you can do in your trip to Cyprus. If you don’t want to rent a car, it will be very difficult to see the below spots.


Tip no.1 – Choose your accommodation in Ayia Napa, not Larnaca. It might be more difficult to get there if your flight arrives late at night, but it will be so worth it.


Airport Transfer

A Wizz Air flight bought with 2 months in advance, with 20% off for Wizz Members will cost you 40 euros two ways. We choose to go offseason, middle of October and the weather was still 30 degrees C.

Option 1. Private Transportation
If you arrive at the airport at night, there is no public transportation to take you to Ayia Napa. You need to book a private taxi. We booked a van with Suntransfers. Because we were 5 girls, we paid 12 euros each.
Option 2. Public Transportation
If your flight arrives earlier, you can take a bus around 2 euros which will get you in the city center of Ayia Napa.

How to get around?

Option 1. By Bus
There are buses to take you around the coast. 1.50 euros one way locally, or 5 euros intercity. (one of the most famous) you’ll need bus no. 
Option 2. By Taxi
There are also taxies (or limousines for 8 people) which can take you around with 2 euros/person. We would always negotiate the tariffs for the taxi and we managed several times to go with 1.60 euro for a taxi ride. (this is because we were 5)
Option 3. By Car
If you want to rent a car, it will cost you ~55 euros/day a car with manual transmission and ~60 euros/day a car with automatic transmission. Please note that you need to drive on the left.

Discover The Magic of Cyprus with This 4 Days Itinerary

Magic means uncertainty and unplanned activities. During the last Word Traveler trips, I learned to let things grow by themselves, feel the energy of the group, and let trips flow half unplanned. And this is how I discovered, that magic can really be part of your trips and transform them.

Our main goal in Cyprus was to relax, swim, snorkel and eat good food. Therefore, we did not include any monasteries, cities, and monuments to visit.  This was not meant to be a marathon city-break. Here’s how we organized our days:

Day 1. Nissi Beach – Cape Greko – The Blue Lagoon – Stone Arch

Nissi Beach is one of those beaches that everyone goes to. It is the most touristic and we wanted to get it out of our way from the very first day. The beauty of this beach is that it has low water, and you can walk from a shore to another.

The water is like in the swimming pool. No other description needed.

On the other side of the beach, there is a small 3 min hike which will offer amazing views like the one below. Also, Nissi Beach is a place for propaganda. Many promoters will come to groups of friends and offer discounts in their night pubs/clubs. This is where the magic started and we spent our night partying for free at the best club in Ayia Napa, Senior Frog’s. 


Now that our night was arranged, what were we going to do in our afternoon?

I actually had no idea about what we were supposed to do in our second part of the day. But then I received a call, from my international Cypriot friend, Vasilis. He was my roommate in one of my Erasmus programs, and there I was…visiting him in his homeland.

He drove 1h and a half just to take us to this beautiful spot by car, where we’ve seen one of the most amazing sunsets from the top of the rock at Cape Greco. You can also reach it with bus #101 or #102. The best moment to go there is at sunset, so plan your day accordingly.


This is the beauty of my travels. Seeing my friends around the world and exchanging cultural differences.

We’ve also seen this monastery at the Blue Lagoon and the Stone Arch, but it was almost night.


Day 2. Aya Napa Beach – Famagusta Boat Trip

– Girls, our boat is leaving without us!

– The Sun is too bright and you might not see well, dear…

– This is not possible! We paid for the trip and we are on time!

Indeed, we were in the harbor at 10:15 a.m for our boat trip, but our boat was leaving without us. The day before, we pre-booked our trip and paid 20 euros out of 50.

Planned activities suddenly turned out to be a fiasco. We yelled at the organizers and let them know that we’ll make a negative review on all sites about Famagusta Boat Trips. We asked for a refund or another trip. And for 10 euros, we went on the afternoon boat on a trip which would normally cost 20 euros. We were so angry, that the Captain promised champaign on the boat. (and we received it)


The trip was supposed to end somewhere close to Famagusta, an abandoned city under the occupation of the Turkish Armed Forces. But the boat seemed to have no direction, no guide, no explanations to its passengers, so all that we remember are 2h and 30 min of going nowhere while sleeping.


Oh well, we’ve seen another beautiful sunset.
 Tip no. 2. Do not take Famagusta Boat Trips. They are useless.


We spent our morning on Ayia Napa beach, drinking coconut water at Marcello’s Beach Bar and enjoying a less crowded beach then Nissi.




5 minutes swimming in the far end of Ayia Napa beach you’ll find a cool cave and cliff where you can have fun swimming and jumping. Not many people know about it, and we discovered it out of curiosity. #magichelped


Day 3. Love Bridge – Sea Caves – Nicosia

If you are living in Ayia Napa, the Love Bridge is a 30 min walk from the city center.  You’ll get some amazing views and you can even jump into the water for a spectacular swim.



We spent the second part of the day in Nicosia, the capital of Cyprus. Vasilis, our friend, made us a tour across the buffer zone of the capital. The British took control of Cyprus in 1878, so that was the time when Nicosia flourished. It developed an European air, complete with new churches, public schools, flash houses and modern roads. The city was extended beyond the Old Town and quickly became the heart of trade in Cyprus, centered on Ledra Street.


British reign came to an end when Cyprus declared independence in 1959 / 1960. The famous ‘Green Line’ was drawn in 1964 after a skirmish between Greek and Turkish residents. Ten years later, Greek officers staged a coup, leading to the invasion of northern Cyprus by Turkey and armed security along the Green Line. The capital is now divided, the northern and eastern point belonging to Turkish and South belonging to Greeks.


There are streets along the Green Line where if you look to your right, people are living in their house, and if you look to your left people abandoned their cars and the zone is covered with barbed wires. Despite the rough history of Nicosia, things are quite harmonious today and tourists can freely cross the Green Line. We spent 10 minutes on the Turkish side. :)

Day 4. Konnus Bay – Cyclops Cave

Last day was a snorkeling day because this beach has a lot of rocks. We also made a 1h hike until Cyclops Cave and had beautiful views across the bay. This is one of the quietest beaches in the area and it is something that you don’t want to miss. We left what is best for the last day. Also here, you will find only one beach bar, that has the best secret spot to jump into the water.




Cyclops Cave

Where to eat?

There are plenty taverns to share a Meze with your friends. Usually, you need to pay for minimum two portions (between 15-17 euros). We were always paying three portions and this is how we managed to eat and drink all the time with around 13 euros. Some good places to try Fish Meze or Cypriot Traditional Food are: Napa Tavern, Ocean Basket, Avra Restaurant. You’ll get a full table with around 27 plates to eat from. Plenty of food for everybody.



Where to sleep?

We’ve got the best Airbnb, with two rooms and a living room, suitable for 5. Really close to the beach and nightlife.

How much does everything cost?

For many of you, this is the most important part. Everybody is asking us “How the hell do you have so much money?“, “Your trips look amazing, how much of a fortune did you spend?“, “Excuse me, what’s your job?”

This is really happening!
We spent ~260 euros on this trip.


I never spend more than 300 euros in my 4 days trips. And this is because I am always with 3 – 4 friends, and we share our accommodation & food. But I have to admit, even in Stockholm with my boyfriend or in Lake Como with my sis and mom, I did not spend more than 300 euros.

I guess I have planning skills, budgeting skills, a lot of passion for traveling and a lot of care for my investments. A trip with less than 300 euros requires buying tickets in advance when airlines have discounts, staying at Erasmus friends, having locals to show you cheap cafes around (this is a cool one in Nicosia by the way), negotiating taxi rides, going in hot destinations offseason, etc. Here’s a breakdown:

  • Flight booked 2 months in advance, 20% off from Wizz = 40 euros
  • Airport Transfer at night = 12 euros 
  • Accommodation with a group of people = 52 euros (the whole apartment was 260 euros offseason).
  • Transport around: 3 euros Trip to Nissi Beach = 3 euros, Trip to Nicosia = 10 euros, Trip to Konnos Beach = 3 euros, Boat Trip =  10 euros; Total = 26 euros
  • Airport transfer back = 6 euros (minivan) you can make it cheaper with public transport.
  • Club Entrance and Drinks – Free (especially if you are with girls)
  • Dinners ~15 euros with drinks (we had 4 meals at the restaurant) = 60 euros
  • Breakfasts, coffees, ice-cream, coconuts and others ~ 18 euros/ day (x 4 days) = 72 euros.

TOTAL = 268 euros.

Looking at the photos Word Traveler took, I’d say this is a pretty well-made budget and itinerary. More and more people want to come with Word Traveler on trips and this is pretty amazing for me.

Would you trust Word Traveler in planning your trips and even go with them on future trips?

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Thank you and happy travels,