Dutch vs. Romanian Tulips

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Dutch vs. Romanian Tulips

Dutch vs. Romanian Tulips

If there is something amazing this time of the year, that's the amazing party the flowers have.

Their smell and colors remind me of the beauty in this world and make me open my senses again and again. I love spring!

A few years ago, I was visiting Keukenhof in The Netherlands, the most beautiful spring garden in the world. That garden has more than 7 million bulbs and more than 500 varieties of tulips. Oh, Dutch people...How I admire you for your taste in landscape architecture! It was an experience that I wanted to have again, so the closest spot in Cluj is the Botanical Garden.

Don't miss it if you are here in May. The Botanical Garden has over 10,000 plants from throughout the world. I even found the Traveler Tree :) It comes all the way from Madagascar. The garden is a calm oasis with many thematic gardens, but we still have so much to learn from the Dutch... Have a look at this beauty!

And here is the beautiful Dutch tulips fever…

On a bright tulip carpet 
Which makes a rainbow on the ground
Lays my love in quiet
Waiting to be found.

Love passionately,