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Lavander Farm – A Place to Travel with Your Mind and Kill The Routine

Imagine you're 80 and you look back in your life and all you can see is the routine of your office and house. Do you like what you see? Was it worth it?

I may not know your answer, but I know one thing:

The problem with routine is that it compresses life.

Routine is the enemy of time. It makes time fly by so fast, that you'll wake up in your 80's and feel like a marionette. Controlled by time.

When your brain establishes a routine, it stops thinking and it stops being awake. It goes through life on auto-pilot.

And here comes "The Traveling".

Traveling wakes up your brain, your senses, your eyes, and heart. When you travel, you feel you are alive! 3 months abroad may seem like a year at home. You do and experience so much that you are wondering "Why were you hibernating so much until then?". When you are traveling, your are your own pilot.

So why not live a life full of consciousness, awareness and alive feelings? You can only do that when you will be in control of your time and expand it. When you travel, every second expands into a minute, every minute becomes an hour, and every day feels like a lifetime.

But what happens if you can't travel?

There are so many plausible reasons why someone simply can't afford to travel.

However, you still have no excuse :)  You need to see the beauty at home.

You need to travel with your mind, your eyes and your heart.

Be grateful for where you are and for what you have.

It is only from that state of mind that you can create beautiful things around you.

If your soul and mind are living a full life, time will expand no matter if you are traveling or not.

Have a look at these photos...

I traveled in just 4 hours in Tuscany- Italy, Provence - France, and Zwolle - The Netherlands.

And all these places are outside Cluj...

One of the best things I am learning these days is to embrace uncertainty.

And embrace time with the good and the bad.

So, my dear friends...

If you want to live a happy life...

Stop time with experiences.

Stop it with traveling.

Stop it with love.

This is your duty as an adult. Create your own structure and live on your own terms.

When you choose adventure and uncertainty in your life, your 80 years will feel like 800.

And now blink. You're back in the present.

And still have time.

The question is... What will you do?