Călata Horseback Riding, Răchițele Waterfall & Beliș Lake

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Călata Horseback Riding, Răchițele Waterfall & Beliș Lake

The beauty of Cluj-Napoca is that its location is very close (2h away) to the Apuseni Mountains. Continuing the series about what you can do 1 day outside Cluj-Napoca, here is another beautiful idea. (again, you need a car for the trip)

Keep reading if you’ve always wanted to:

  • go horseback riding in nature even if you’ve never ridden a horse before
  • see one of the most spectacular waterfalls in Romania
  • take a boat in the sunset light on a lake surrounded by mountains

Roadtrip to Călata for horseback riding

This trip is for the active people, who like a little bit of adventure, but also like the comfort of their car. All the above places are in the same direction, so it is worth doing everything in a day.

Stop 1. Start your day with horseback riding in Călata.

How to get there?

From Cluj-Napoca, take E60 – direction Huedin. In Huedin, make a leftdirection “Stațiunea Fântânele”. Drive 13km until you reach “Călata” village, at 600-850 m altitude.

Reserve your morning for this activity and make a reservation before. The horses at this location are mild, the owners are super friendly. You will get 30 minutes training before going up on the hills. Because the horses are making the same trip every day, they are used to being together, so you don’t have to worry about getting lost.


Stop 2. Make a quick stop at “Vălul Miresei” Waterfall in Răchițele village.

How to get there?

From Călata drive 25 km more until you reach “Răchițele” village, then make a right on a narrow bridge following the sign “Cascada Vălul Miresei”. You need to drive 5 km and you will arrive. This part of the trip is for the lazy people who want to see nature without any hiking. Of course, you can always make a hike to the nearby peak Vf. Lespezi – seen to your right near the waterfall. But about that trip, I’ll write you in another blog post.

Pro Tip 1. Avoid going in the winter, unless you have winter equipment (boots and ice sticks). The road to get up to the waterfall will be only ice and you will have a hard time walking.
Pro Tip 2. This is the perfect destination for people who want to see nature from the comfort of their car. You can reach the nearby parking lot with your car, and then walk 10 min to the waterfall.



Pro Tip 3. Avoid the crowds and go up near the waterfall on its left, through the forest. You’ll take better pictures from there , like the one above.


4 facts about “Vălul Miresei” Waterfall

  • 2 drops waterfall, approx 30 m difference between the two
  • one of the most representative waterfalls in Apuseni Mountains
  • at 1000 m altitude
  • has the shape of a bride’s veil

A Creepy Legend says…

Once upon a time, there was a bride who fell down the steep rocks of the waterfall, and her veil remained hung on the rocks. The wedding guests stopped and mourned for her and created the waterfall with their tears.

However, this legend has its warnings. Don’t get too close to the waterfall on its rocks or try to go around it to see it from above. There has been an accident a few years ago and a girl died there.

18 km more, continue your trip to Beliș Lake…

After coming down the waterfall, make a right and head to “Dealul Boții.” That is the place you will see the whole Beliș Lake at its best. Put in the GPS “Cabana Perla Lacului” and stop there. If you go further, you’ll miss the view and you will make a round of the lake without even knowing.

Stop 3. Take a boat on Beliș Lake, the Romanian “Lake Tahoe”,  in the sunset light.

I like to call this lake the Romanian Lake Tahoe, because the scenery is so similar.

DSC_5350_edited DSC_5339_edited

There are not many options about things you can do, but sometimes there are local people who rent motorboats for visitors. We paid 100 RON and spent 1h on the lake in the sunset light. The lake is awesome to catch a sunset, as the Sun goes down behind the mountains in front of the lake.

one day outside cluj

one day outside cluj

one day outside cluj

Quick Schedule for a Summer Day

1. Leave the house at 9:00 am, drive 1:30h so as at 11:00 am to be at Călata.

2. After 2h horseback riding, around 14:00 have lunch in one pension around the village.

3. Drive 30 min more,  and spend 1h more at the waterfall – 16:00.

4. Drive 30 min to Beliș, at around 16:30 – 17:00 try to be on the boat to catch the sunset light.

There you have it. Another active day nearby Cluj-Napoca, Romania.

Travel passionately,

Watermark Ioana