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Lake Como

Somewhere, in this world, there is a beautiful lake.

This lake was closer to me than I have ever imagined.

But somehow, my roads didn’t take me to it.

It takes 2 hours to fly to Milan, and in one hour you can reach it.

I never thought of visiting it, but somewhere in my heart, I knew that life by the lake is wonderful.

So come with me, in this beautiful two-days trip to Lake Como.

Lake Como is surrounded by the Rhaetian Alps and is the most spectacular of the region's three major lakes.

The mountains invite you to make a hike, take a boat trip, wander around the narrow streets, window shop, watch the sunset. All at once!

While being there, I realized that this lake has three "personalities" to explore:

Varenna, Bellagio, and Mennagio.

Varenna is about the active thinking of the mind.

Here's where you need to make your first stop.

Tip 1. Take the train from Milan to Varenna so you can be close to the rest of the villages. 6,70 euros one way. You can spend half of day in each village, by crossing with the ferry (4,60 euros).


Varenna is a little town with narrow streets that are waiting to be explored. It awes you everywhere you go and makes you wish to stay forever.

Lake ComoLake Como

You got to put some effort in to reach its most beautiful view. And that’s from Castelo di Vezzio.

A 30 minutes hike will make you feel on top of the world, a place where you won't be able to distinguish what's real and what's not. Cause there is sooo much bluuue! The sky, the water, the clouds.

Tip 2. Start your day with this hike, so you have the time to explore the rest of the city in the afternoon and then cross with the ferry.

Then come back from the clouds and head to Villa Monasterio. I suggest you have a walk in its botanical gardens, especially if it is a sunny day. You'll see romantic architecture, roses and columns and statues that seem to be alive.

Mennagio is about the home you want to sleep in.

After visiting Varenna, I suggest you cross the lake on the ferry and spend an afternoon and evening in this beautiful city because it offers amazing sunset views + a beautiful villa to sleep in. This village is quieter and has a promenade along the lake which allows you to admire its beauty closer.

Enjoy its surprises, its light, and Italian whispers.






Tip 3. You'll find the best accommodation at Villa Giuliana, owned by a charismatic Romanian lady who put her heart in designing the guest house and made it a home, far away from home. 40 euros/night + breakfast open buffet.

Bellagio is about the physical charm.

This village is all about the image, expensive shops, fancy antique boutiques, expensive wines.

It is the pearl of the lake because it is located exactly halfway between the two southernmost branches of the lake.

Stroll around the narrow streets and allow yourself to get lost. While visiting this village, I was caught in the rain... And that's when I realized that the physical charm doesn't last forever and you simply have to open your eyes to see the beauty beyond the rain.




When you choose to visit Lake Como, you’ll have to hike. A lot. But as you probably already know, the best sunset views are the ones that are less accessible.

Perhaps, you’ll feel tired. But it will be that tiredness that's worth having.

Because everywhere you look, your heart will fill with joy.

You'll find yourself in a world full of surprises.

This lake might make you realize that cold is not for you.

That summer is your season. That summer is your heart.

It will look unreal, and you’ll want to take everything in at once.

But you can't...You'll need time to explore everything that this lake has to offer.

2 things I left open for next time:

Tip 4. If you choose to sleep in Bellagio, don't miss Villa Serbelloni. There is only one entrance per day, usually in the morning and you need a reservation for it.


Tip 5. If you want to see one the villa where James Bond filmed Casino Royale, plan a visit to Villa del Balbianello.


Going to Lake Como was a good deep breath before starting my summer chapter in Cluj.

Next destination?


Perhaps, another lake.

Travel passionately,