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Lake Tahoe

There are no words to describe what lake Tahoe means to me. Living in a remote mountain area is a must to experience if you are a nature lover. We stayed in Tahoe 6 months in the last 2 years, and felt completely lost from the real world. You don’t feel you are working, you have a lot of energy and there is always something to do after work. Imagine that after 8h of work, you don’t need to drive 2h outside the city to relax. You have a crystal clear lake where you can swim, kayak, paddle, jump, hike around, bike around, watch amazing sunsets. I am grateful that I have discovered this place. Please go to Lake Tahoe, when you visit California…Here’s what you can find there:

[Thank you Irina, Anca, Mihaela and Dina for being part of this video]

I’ll come back with more posts about what you can do there, but till then…

Live passionately,

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