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Probably, one in five of my friends visited Milan because you have low-cost flights from Romania. However, not many of my friends went to Lake Como, an exclusive nature destination just one hour away from Milan. I chose this destination because it was the first time we took our mom with us on a trip abroad and we needed a relaxing schedule :)

Therefore, if you are looking for:

  • a slowly paced city-break that doesn't necessarily need a plan
  • a hike in the nature with outstanding mountain views
  • a boat trip on a lake at a beautiful sunset
  • picturesque Italian villages and Instagramable streets 
  • you like old Italian architecture, villas and botanical gardens

Then this trip idea might be for you. One day in Milan, two days in Lake Como.

Please, don't go to Milan just to visit Milan. Go to Milan to visit Lake Como.


Let's start with the first part of our trip, Milan.


The ideal flight from Cluj-Napoca leaves on Friday evening and get's you back on Monday evening. This means you have three full days to enjoy Italy. The first thing to check in Milano after booking your flight are the tickets for visiting "The Last Supper" painting of Leonardo da Vinci.  This is the most difficult site to visit, as there is a limited number of people/day allowed to go inside. You need a reservation and you can't usually get one unless you schedule your visit 3 months in advance. I missed it :(

Accommodation in Milan can be expensive, however, my research skills found an affordable room in a shared apartment. 120 euros for 2 nights, 3 persons. The metro line was 3 minutes walking and within 5 metro stations, we were at the Duomo Cathedral. It was also close to the train station, which allowed us to be fast in our commute to Lake Como.

Everything You Need to See in One Day in Milan

We dedicated the first day for visiting Milano, and we started with the Duomo Cathedral. This cathedral is the fifth largest Christian Chruch in the world and I was amazed by its architecture and statues from the rooftop. It is 600 years old and it is built in a gothic style. Don't miss out to go on the rooftop to see its amazing architecture and the breathtaking view of the city.

Tip. no. 1 Try to start your visit as early in the morning as possible so you avoid the crowds. Also, buy your tickets online and skip one line. Otherwise, you'll have 3 lines to wait in (tickets, cathedral, rooftop), and your whole visit will take up to 4 hours...Make sure you cover your knees and shoulders. We had to buy scarves to cover ourselves.

Continue your visit with a walk through the Gallery Vittorio Emanuele II, but expect a big crazy crowd! Everybody will ask you to take photos and you'll want to get out of there as soon as possible. This place is full of fancy stores like Prada, Luis Vuitton, and the rest. I was not impressed by these, but by the beautiful glass ceiling and windows architecture.



Tip. no. 3 In this area, you are very close to a good place for lunch, called Luini, which has traditional panzerotti (fried dough filled with tomato and cheese). You can also try a good pizza from Pizzeria Spontini, a cool standing bar.


Continue your visit to see La Scala, one of the most famous theaters in Europe. You can get a tour for 9 euros/adult & 6 euros/student. Also in that area, you'll see the statue of Leonardo da Vinci. After that, take the metro and head to Parco Sempione for a break in nature, where you can see Castello Sforzesco and Arco Della Pace.



For your end of the day, head to the canal area which looks like the one in Amsterdam, Navigli. Here you can eat cheaper than in the city center while enjoying the vibe of the city. It is full of terraces, bikes and hidden art galleries which remind you in fact, that you are in Italy and not in another usual city.




Tip. no 4 Eat at La Ringhiera bar between 6:00 p.m until 10:00 p.m and you'll have all you can eat for 11 euros. There is a generous selection of pasta, lasagna, cheese, ham, meat, waffles, fruit etc.


How much should you expect to spend in Milan?

One day in Milan is not extremely expensive, however, it depends on the number of Aperol Spritz and cappuccinos you will drink. Here's the breakdown of the costs/person if you can check the above itinerary.

  • 10 euros - transport from and to the airport
  • 40 euros - accommodation 2 nights
  • 4.5 euros - metro pass (you really need this if you want to see everything in one day)
  • 10 euros - breakfast with cappuccino & croissant
  • 3 euros - lunch snack from Luini
  • 16 euros - Duomo Cathedral entrance
  • 9 euros - La Scala theatre entrance
  • 12 euros/ 7 euros (under 25 y) - "The Last Supper" entrance
  • 11 euros - dinner at La Ringheria

Total: approx. 120 euros +/- depending on what you choose to visit, the flight not included.

Thank you for reading and I hope this will help you have an extraordinary day in Milan.

Stay tuned, cause the next 2 days of the trip, in Lake Como, will be the highlight of your trip.

You'll find out why staying more than one day in Milan is not worth it.

To be posted soon,

Travel passionately,