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A car accident in a road trip in USA – Get Lost and Find Yourself

There’s something weird about going on a road trip, the second you lock the door and head out, you’re in a different mindset, everything you see is different. The way you perceive the world is a bit different and even the most meaningless things can turn into a crazy story. Why can’t life be like a road trip? Why can’t we live in a state of mind where everything is fun and adventurous, and the world continually surprises us, and we let that happiness flow in?

Death Valley USA
Death Valley Road Trip

There’s something powerful that allows you to release your tight grip on life, and just relax. Staying present and enjoying everything that enters your experience, taking in each moment separately, and giving unlimited potential for each situation to flourish into a unique adventure.

Yosemite National Park
Yosemite National Park Road Trip

The funny thing is, sometimes it’s something like getting a flat tire, getting a fine, having a car accident, or getting completely lost in the middle of the night, that makes the adventure special and unforgettable. Because after all it isn’t the destination that you’re seeking… it’s the journey.

Once,  I had a car accident…

On every journey, you learn a lot. We were on our last days in California, preparing to go to Utah for 5 days.  We were returning home from the rent a car shop, when two streets away from home, we had a car accident. A big truck went straight into our left wheel and left us there, stuck, not able to move the car anymore.

The fault was ours. Our driver did not stop at the STOP sign. The car was in my name, but I was not driving at that moment. How should I explain to the insurance company that I did not declare a second driver? That the mistake was ours? Will I get a fine?

Utah Road Trip

After the shock, the girls started yelling in the car…The guy who stroke us was a calm old man, who really wanted to solve the issue and don’t call the police. We were lucky, but I was f*king shaking and did not know exactly how to handle this. I felt my whole world is falling apart. I was lost. I did not know how much this will cost me. I did not know if our trip will ever be done. But, I decided to take responsibility, and I put the whole fault on my shoulders. I called the car company, made the declarations honestly, and we got another car…thanks to the insurance I made before leaving their office. I learned that my attitude in the journey, even when bad things happen, can change everything! If it wasn’t for my calm, we could have as well stayed there the whole day, not solving the issue, and not starting the trip.

I also learned that it is quite risky to let others drive your car, especially when it is in your name. So after this accident, after we changed the car, we made the longest road trip ever.  From Lake Tahoe, California – crossed all Nevada – to Utah in Monument Valley and back in 5 days….approx 1600 miles. I drove in chunks of 5 hours. It was tiring, it was fun, but we only had one goal: to make the road trip with both the good and the bad. 

Here’s our road trip after the car accident…We could have never seen these places if we’d just stopped there out of fear.

Get lost, and find yourself. 

On a road trip, you detach from the need to be perfect, the need to be right, the need to look or act a certain way, you just let go and meet all your insecurities on the way… it’s in this mindset of bliss and freedom, that you are truly present and happy. This allows you to handle easier the possible accidents, drawbacks, and challenges. So why not do the same in life?

Sequoia National Park

Create a life that lets you drop the stress and baggage you carry, change your mindset, go on an adventure, and let happiness flow into your life… you can always start with a road trip.

Tree tunnel in Sequoia National Park

One of the best road trips in my life were the ones in Yosemite National Park, Sequoia National Park, Utah, California Highway 1 and Route 66 trip to Death Valley.

Here are more details about how to organize each of them:

We had so much fun driving the US roads. Let me know in the comments below which was the best road trip you ever made.

Travel passionately,

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