The Christmas You’ve Always Dreamed Of Is In Alsace

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The Christmas You’ve Always Dreamed Of Is In Alsace

Enjoy the Ultimate Christmas Atmosphere in Alsace

It’s that time of the yeear! Everything is sparkling with Christmas lights and the taste of gluehwine is all you need for a melting heart. Today, I want to introduce to you the best place in Europe for visiting Christmas Markets.

Let’s go to Alsace, the French area where the magic of Christmas can be experienced in its purest form. In Alsace, the preparation of Christmas is a special moment waited by everyone. And I can see why…the whole area turns into a fairyland. Colmar, Eguisheim, and Strasbourg. These three spots can be seen in a weekend getaway as they are pretty close to each other.


There’s Nothing Quite Like the Christmas Market in Eguisheim

Eguisheim is a picturesque village only known by the experienced travelers. Ranked one of the most beautiful villages in France, Eguisheim won the gold medal contest of the European Entente Florale back in 2006. Basically, it has the prettiest flower pots in France. Impressive? Mais, oui!


This town inspired the opening scene of Walt Disney’s Beauty and the Beast, so you know it’s already pretty. In May 2013 it was voted the ‘Village préféré des Français’, an annual distinction that passes from town-to-town throughout France.Everywhere you go here, you’ll see cute 16th and 17th-century little houses, cozy shops, lots of fromage and foie-gras. And for Christmas, it is the BEST spot to be!




A Day in Colmar – What Better Way to Spend Your Christmas?

Colmar town center is pedestrian, comprises numerous monuments, churches, museums, and alleys, full of imposing buildings dating from the Middle Ages to the 19th century. Don’t miss out the Maison Pfister, the Koïfhus, Little Venice, the maison des têtes and Saint Martin’s Collegiate church.


You don’t actually need a plan in order to see these towns, but please be aware that the accommodation during this time of the year is pretty expensive. We stayed in Colmar, one night at this AirBnB and we paid 100 euros/night with breakfast included. The lady spoke perfect French and German so we had no communication issues. The whole town is decorated as in a fairytale and everywhere you go you’ll feel like in an open-air Christmas show.



If you want to support this beautiful city, you can vote it as The Best Christmas Market in Europe for 2018. I already did :) (sorry Prague)


Don’t forget about the Capital of Noël – Strasbourg

We spent a couple of hours in Strasbourg, overwhelmed by the decorations and lights. The city is overly crowded and it is not that cozy. However, you might find cheaper accommodation here. I felt this city is more touristic. Don’s miss out the Petit France, Strasbourg’s picturesque historic quarter, the Christmas food market. Strasbourg’s Christmas Markets are among the oldest and biggest of their kind in Europe, taking over the entire historic city center.



How To Get Around?
Colmar to Strasbourg – fastest way is by train (TGV). It takes 30 minutes and costs 6 euros (group ticket – get it from the counter)

Colmar to Eguiseim – Get bus no. 440 with 2 euros or the special Christmas shuttles with 8 euros. Distance is 10 minutes.

This trip was by far the best destination I’ve ever seen in Europe and I highly recommend you to chose it next year :) You can see here the entire photo gallery from this trip.

Travel passionately,