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Accepting My Next Nomadic Life Move – Dream Board Analysis

Accepting My Next Nomadic Life Move – Dream Board Analysis

Do you usually make a dream board at the beginning of the year? And if you do, do you revise it before the year ends to see how much you achieved?

In the beginning of 2017, I made this dream board. And I completely forgot about it. There were mostly places I wanted to visit, a few things I wanted to experience, and a few fears I wanted to conquer. I also left a lot of room for unexpected situations. They came in under the form of love, personal growth, happiness and a looot of pain.

Now that I look back at this dream board, I am so grateful that I didn’t plan it all. I am so grateful that I forgot about it and I let life flow. See, I have the tendency to move straight forward through life. It’s either black or white. It’s either day or night. But nature never moves in straight lines, only basic human logic does. Sunsets and sunrises, the moments when nature is neither daylight nor nightlight, are the most beautiful moments throughout the day.


Nature creates perfect order from chaos. Nature never moves in straight lines, only the human mind does. So when I made this dream board, I left room for angles and for chaos. Now, I want to create even more. I trust that nature will create the perfect order for me. All I have to do is let go and slip into the gap.

So I booked a trip…

There will be two weeks of traveling solo, journaling and accepting “My Next Nomadic Life Move”. (one of the fears I want to conquer) This translates into: “accepting uncertainty”, “accepting living for today”, “slip into the gap “, “be alone for a while, trust in yourself.”

Cluj-Napoca – Nurenberg – Mannheim – Colmar – Eguisheim – Strasbourg – Mannheim – Munchen – Prague – Munchen – Nurenberg – Cluj – Napoca.


There will be two weeks of reflection on everything I received. There will be two weeks when I want to make contact with the invisible power within me. What might seem like a “run-away-from-everything-trip”, transformed into a “dig-in-everything-you-learnt-and-create-something-extraordinary”.


Do you think a nomadic lifestyle is the new rich?

For me, this trip is the adult version of the Work & Travel Program. It is the Work & Travel on Ioana’s Terms & Conditions. This is what I always dreamed of…working remotely while taking care of my soul and visiting inspiring destinations. The truth is, I will always be a nomad soul. I love freedom. When routine kicks in, I will break it. I will shake my world. I will not wait for somebody else to wake me up or make me happy. Being able to work and travel at the same time, knowing that my base is in Romania, is something I wished for a long time. And this is the richest gift that life could offer me.

12 months almost gone, but how many moments?

How do you measure your time? When you look at your year, did it feel like 12 months? Did it feel empty or full? My time doesn’t measure in months. My time measures in moments. And lately, I missed these alive moments. These truly happy alive moments when I get goosebumps because my thoughts and emotions are so strong that they reflect in my body. I know that it is only from that state of mind that I can create my life.

So what better way than traveling solo, confronting myself and figuring out what I really want? My plane will leave soon. Let’s hope this trip will bring me the answers I need. Let’s start creating. Will you do the same?

Travel passionately,




P.S Keep an eye on the blog. I’ll share everything that I’ll find interesting in these places.

7 Tips for Your Next Beach Trip to Algarve – Portugal

7 Tips for Your Next Beach Trip to Algarve – Portugal

Summer is here and Portugal is calling!

If you still don’t know where to go this summer, but you know you want sandy beaches, blue waters, extraordinary cliffy landscapes, lots of sea food and an affordable destination, Algarve might be for you.

Algarve is the Southernmost region of Portugal and is the most popular tourist destination in the country and perhaps in the whole Europe. In this article, I want to share my experience there and 7 tips that you might take into consideration before planning your trip.

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Lavander Farm – A Place to Travel with Your Mind and Kill The Routine

Lavander Farm – A Place to Travel with Your Mind and Kill The Routine

Imagine you're 80 and you look back in your life and all you can see is the routine of your office and house. Do you like what you see? Was it worth it?

I may not know your answer, but I know one thing:

The problem with routine is that it compresses life.

Routine is the enemy of time. It makes time fly by so fast, that you'll wake up in your 80's and feel like a marionette. Controlled by time.

When your brain establishes a routine, it stops thinking and it stops being awake. It goes through life on auto-pilot.

And here comes "The Traveling".

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9 Questions in your J1 Visa Interview and How to Answer Them

9 Questions in your J1 Visa Interview and How to Answer Them

Are you ready to go to the USA with Work & Travel? You might say “Yes”, but there is still one BIG step to achieve. During March, April and May you’ll need to go to the final jury, and they will tell you if you are ready or not: the USA Embassy.

If you are anxious about this future step…and you:

  • want to know the 7 questions that you can get during the J1 visa interview
  • my personal experiences during the interviews (I went 3 times)
  • the biggest risk that I made which could cost me my Visa

this article might be for you. :-)

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4 Reasons Why You’ll Always get a Job if you Traveled

4 Reasons Why You’ll Always get a Job if you Traveled

“What if you come back home and nobody will hire you (and marry you -and love you- and be friends with you again)”?


I get this question from many students who want to travel with Erasmus and Work & Travel, but are afraid that when they are coming back, they can’t catch up with home again.

There are usually 2 answers that I give to this question.

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Why traveling will teach you in a way school never will?

Why traveling will teach you in a way school never will?

Thinking about Costa Rica

– Do you have coffee from Costa Rica?

After coming back from US, I wanted to check the fancy coffee store in Iulius Mall, next to Auchan.

I noticed they have coffee from all over the world, and being used with excellent customer service, and coffee from all over the world, I asked the lady for more information. I wanted to know about the regions their coffee comes from.

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Welcome to Word Traveler

Welcome to Word Traveler

Are you passionate about traveling, enthusiastic about studying and you’ve heard about exchange programs, but have no clue where to start? Have you always wanted to build an impressive resume, but you hate traditional school and boring jobs? Do you want to build a multicultural background, but you don’t want to ask for your parent’s money?

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3 days in Porto, Aveiro and Braga

3 days in Porto, Aveiro and Braga

Porto is known to be one of the best cities in Portugal. Many people argue that it is better than Lisbon, but I would disagree. The city is small and in some places even abandoned. Don’t put high hopes, otherwise you might be disappointed. However, with all the bad things I saw, I still loved the city.

Here is what I did 4 days in North Portugal:

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The First Challenge in a New Group of Travelers (or Friends) …

The First Challenge in a New Group of Travelers (or Friends) …

“What’s your name?” trouble question.

Trust me. Being always on the road and studying as an Erasmus student brought me in front of many new people. And many people equals many names (BONUS: foreign names). When you see yourself surrounded by colorful people from all over the world, keeping in mind all the different names can be very overwhelming.

I remember one embarrassing situation when I could not keep in mind a 4 letters name and had to give my phone to the person in front of me to write it in the agenda. When I saw that he kept in mind mine, I was even more embarrassed. If you are always in contact with new people and you struggle keeping in mind their names, this article might be for you.

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At the age of 25, would you rather travel or focus on your career?

At the age of 25, would you rather travel or focus on your career?

At the age of 25, would you rather travel or focus on your career?

When I had to make this choice, somebody asked my mother:

“Wouldn’t it be a shame if she just keeps traveling and never ends up having a career?”

“It would be a much greater shame if she just keeps working and never ends up traveling!” my mom said.

Today, I am 25.

This beautiful age comes with so many uncertainties, questions, and decisions to make: should I stay, should I leave again, what if another travel will make me miss important opportunities at home, what if another travel will help me discover the real purpose of life, what if it will bring me a business idea, what if it will teach me the lessons I need to be thought?

Leaving home again can be pretty tempting. There were times when I wanted to do anything for travel.  I quit jobs, I stayed away from my family, I worked hard…

But today…

When I look back, I see my „all is perfect” life. My „perfect traveler’s life” that was built with the help of power, strength, ambition, immune feelings, impossible friendships and „You can’t give up now” thoughts.

I built some biiiig walls in order to get here. :)

So now, it is time for a change. It is time to let those walls down and enjoy home. It seems that today I do not have to make a choice between traveling and the rest. This age milestone is one of the happiest milestones ever.

Being home means listening to my heart.

Confronting reality.

And stopping to run away.

The truth is… you can never make your heart shut up. You can pretend you are not listening, but she will always stay there and scream about what she believes about the life and this world.

There’s no wonder why they say „ Home is where your heart is”. It’s only by stepping out of your world that you can see what you deeply care about and find a home.

When you are surrounded by the foreign, it keeps you awake. All your senses are on, and you become more alert of the secret patterns of this world.

It’s like when you hike the mountains.


The whole road to the peak is full of choices: left or right, choose the easy climb or the climb with the beautiful scenery, put your rain coat on or dance in the rain?


You have all your troubles, fears and hopes in a backpack.


You have to watch your steps.


You have to manage your food for a few days.


You need to pay attention to your body reactions.


You need to watch out for bears :)


Be aware. Be strong. And don’t let anything destroy you.



This can be damn tiring and hard.

That’s why my heart tells me to stop for a while.

Accept the challenges from home.

And enjoy THE REAL life.

1st Good News is that…

Home is not the place where you happen to be born, but the place where you become yourself.

As Marcel Proust said: “The real voyage of discovery consists not in seeing new sights, but in looking with new eyes”.

I chose to see my home with new eyes.

We all need to stop movement for a while.

Because it is only by stopping the movement that we can see where to go next.

Plus, this whole movement idea has a meaning only if you have a home to go back to.

And I do.

2nd Good News is that…

Everything happens in life at the right timing. Every loss comes with a new gain.  And what might seem like a bad choice, heartbreak or mistake, will finally prove to be the best thing that happened to you.

You only need to open your eyes. Get up. Even if it’s early and uncomfortable.

Sunrise 5:50 a.m Vf. Omu – Romania (2514 m)

A day will come when everything will seem it is aligned with your heart.

And you don’t have to make choices between A or B anymore.

Because you are where your heart is.

You’ll have gratitude for your lonely traveling, for all the strangers that made you feel like home, for all the ones who broke your heart, gave you directions in life, or helped you carry your backpack.

After your long hike in the mountains…you will find your home.

Vf. Omu lodge (2514 m)

3rd Good News is that…

Everything that happened once, might never ever happen again. But everything that happened twice, might as well happen the third time. That’s why we need to keep our heart open. Embrace uncertainty with open arms. Embrace both pain and happiness. When a heart stays open, beautiful things can happen…



Live passionately,




P.S “There is only one way of learning, said The Alchemist. Through action. Your trip taught you everything you needed to know…”

P.P.S There’s only one direction. Ahead.